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By 26 June 2020

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Facts About Florida

Siegel: The seal of the state was adopted by the constitution of 1868 and is explained as follows: “In the middle a view of the sun on a mountain in the distance, a cocoa tree, an evaporator in the water and an Indian woman scattering flowers on the first floor, “surrounded by the words” Florida State Seal: In God We Trust “.

Flag: A white flag with a campaign seal in the middle and red bars that extend from the seal to all corners of the flag.

Nickname: “The Sunshine State”

Music: “Parents at Home” (or “Rio Suwannee”) by Stephen Foster

Tree: Sabal palm

Flowers: orange blossom

Birds: fake birds

Mammals: manatee (freshwater) and dolphins (saltwater)

Fish: sea bass (fresh water) and Atlantic sailboats (salt water)

Animal: Florida Panther

Florida Tourism

The state’s main industry generated $ 50.8 billion for the country’s economy in 2002. In 2002, approximately 69.8 million tourists visited the state of Florida.

Main markets for visitors (2001):

Aerial visitors: New York, New Jersey and Illinois

Non-visitors: Georgia, Alabama and Ohio

International markets: Canada, United Kingdom and Venezuela (2000)

In 2001, tourism directly employed 870,100 Florida residents.

State Park

There are 156 state parks with crystal clear springs, miles of beaches, rivers, lakes and many wildlife and outdoor activities. Some present a “living history” that reflects life in Florida during the Spanish occupation, the Civil War, the Seminary War and the early days of farming.

Florida location

Southeastern United States: less than 161 km north of the tropics. The southern tip of Florida is 2,737 miles north of the equator. Most of Florida is in the eastern time zone, the western part of the Apalachicola River region is in the middle of the time zone.


The fourth most populous country in the United States - 16.0 million (2000).

California - 33.9 million

Texas - 20.9 million

New York - 19.0 million


The total area is 151,670 km2 (58,560 square kilometers). The largest in England, the area covers 140,513 km2 (54,252 square kilometers) and 11,157 km2 (4,308 square kilometers). From the westernmost point of Pensacola to the southernmost point of Key West, the trail is 1275 km long.

The state has 320 known sources and 27 classified as “first order” categories. The first source of magnitude produces at least 100 cubic meters of fresh water per second. Florida also has 1,711 rivers, streams and rivers. The longest river is 273 miles at St. Johns. The St. Johns River is also one of the few rivers that flows north. Perhaps the most famous river in the state is Suwannee, which has “Parents at Home” music booths.

The capital of the nation

Tallahassee was chosen as the capital in 1824. The place was a compromise between groups interested in finding the capital of Pensacola, in western Florida and St. Augustine, in eastern Florida. The MPs met for the first time at a stand near the current Capitol House.


The state is one of the youngest parts of the American continents. Florida is the last country to go up the ocean. Florida has over 7,800 lakes from one acre to 448,000 acres. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest freshwater lake in the United States. Almost a third of the state’s lakes are located in four central Florida counties: Lake, Orange, Osceola and Polk.

Florida Weather

Sun: pleasant all year round because the mild climate of Florida has attracted tourists for over a century.

Average annual temperature:

Summer: 26.5 degrees in northern Florida and 28.2 degrees in southern Florida.

Winter: 11.0 ° C in northern Florida and 20.3 ° C in southern Florida.

The beach breezes guarantee a pleasant breeze during the summer months.